You may have seen the notices on various posts around Stevenage and Graveley paths. It is nothing to do with threatened houses in the Local Plans for either North Herts or Stevenage. This affects many of the paths on the Stevenage side of the belt of trees and also the route through the churchyard. The notices are about a change of status for some paths and realigning the official route to match the one that everyone walks. It is a result of an application by the British Horse Society.   This is just the latest step in a process; people had a chance to protest about a year ago and this is just the ‘is it all legal’ phase.  It only affects a tiny bit of Graveley.

The resurfacing of the bridleway to Chesfield has been done at my request, many years ago on behalf of The Ramblers.  It has only now got to the top of the list. It will make our walk on Forster's birthday, New Years Day, a little easier.

The trenches near North Road appear to be for archaeological  checks.  I think this is routine before any major building project as was done before the Baldock bypass.  I feel it is premature given the local plan has not been approved but any developer wants to get it out of the way.
   Anne Conchie