The Stevenage comet has today published a sympathetic report about our news below

Sadly an official in the Ministry of Housing etc has written to SBC to say that the outline planning permission for houses on Forster Country will not be called in.

The crucial paragraph reads "In deciding whether to call in this application, the Secretary of State has considered his policy on calling in planning applications. This policy gives examples of the types of issues which may lead him to conclude, in his opinion that the application should be called in. The Secretary of State has decided not to call in this application. He is content that it should be determined by the local planning authority".

If you want to see the whole letter go to enter number 17/00862/OPM, go to the Documents tab and it is a letter dated 3 June '20.  To read The Comet article go to 

Naturally we are disappointed especially after so many local people found it such a morale booster to walk there while Covid19 restricted our pleasures.