We are planning a Summer 2020 Celebration of Forster Country on Sunday 30th August. The overall walk is similar to our E M Forster’s Birthday Walk in January and is five km or three miles long, nearly to Graveley Church and back but for those who might wish to do less it can be cut short by leaving just before the Stevenage boundary returning without meeting the rest of the walkers.

People are invited to gather, maintaining social distancing, close to the St Nicholas Church lychgate from 2.15 pm for the 2.30 pm start. 

The precautions to be taken to avoid Covid 19 transmission.  Details follow and the first is very important -

• Names and contact details are needed for contact tracing should a walker become ill in the days after the walk.  Please bring the details for your party on a postcard size piece of paper (up to A5).  These will not be used unless contact tracing is needed and will be destroyed unread once that danger is over (currently 14 days).

• Walkers will be asked to say whether they are “fast”, “medium” or “slow” to ensure that faster walkers leave first to remain ahead of others, unimpeded by slower walkers.. They will be split into groups of six and social distancing between strangers in each group must be observed and between each group.  

• Groups will remain separated by a sensible distance – say 10 to 15 metres but hopefully not enough to delay those behind unreasonably.  There may not be enough leaders for one per group but unless there is an amazing response of over 100, there should be one for each two groups, with a short distance between each group of six. 

• Every leader of one or a pair of groups will have a leader (with map) who should ensure separation of groups and will be told how to communicate between groups at key turning points.  Anyone planning to leave the walk should tell their leader beforehand and when leaving. 

• We are concerned about traffic on Back Lane and plan stewards at the top, Chesfield Lodge and the turning point, Halcyon Days care home/ Crow End. We will be taking aerial pictures from a drone. Please don’t look up; you may be recognisable in a photo and you might trip over.

• Every walker walks at their own risk. 

• These precautions may change e.g. if government guidelines change.