We recently held our AGM in the Stevenage Borough Council Main Chamber. Thanks are due to SBC for their hospitality.

SBC produced a revised Local Plan which was issued to the general public on 12th of June and in our opinion included little significant change. We sent in one representation relating to this within the 6 week consultation period and we believe that the Plan will by now have been re-issued to the Inspector. The Inspector will return the Plan to SBC as “accepted” “accepted with minor modifications required” or “accepted with major modifications required” during October.
The SBC Executive will then formally accept or reject the Inspector’s findings before seeking a full Council mandate for their decision towards the end of the Year.
Following this we are assuming that formal planning permission will have to be sought for actual implementation and that there will be a further opportunity to defend Forster Country. But we are currently looking into the process.
We are also contesting the approach taken in the Local Plan in dealing with Previously Developed Land (PDL, known colloquially as brownfield). To this end we are in the process of writing formally to the Inspector saying that the Icon Building at the junction of Lytton Way and Fairlands Way (formerly the Eagle Star office) with its possible potential for 540 dwellings was not properly considered and that this therefore could apply in other parts of Stevenage.
We remain hopeful that our arguments have had some effect and that Forster Country can still be saved.
 A longer report, with reports of other activities of the year and committee changes, will be appearing in our Newsletter which will be available on this website.