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Download this file (Issue 54 Dec 22.pdf)Issue 54 Dec 22Country Park; Times article, Kaoru981 kB
Download this file (Issue 53 Nov 21.pdf)Issue 53 Nov 2021Panacea for a Pandemic; Quotes from "Howards End"887 kB
Download this file (Issue 52 Apr 21.pdf)Issue 52 Apr 21Margaret Ashby RIP; Forster Country in lockdown; Latest news1671 kB
Download this file (Issue 51 Oct 20.pdf)Issue 51 Oct 20Latest from Stevenage BC & NHDC: Poston/Warlock friendship770 kB
Download this file (Issue 50 Dec 19.pdf)Issue 50 Dec 19Bellway Miller threat; Forster and Poston; Poston and Warlock738 kB
Download this file (Issue 49 Jun 19.pdf)Issue 49 Jun 19Latest News; Poston work found; AGM 2019848 kB
Download this file (Newsletter 48 Dec 2018.pdf)Issue 48 Dec 2018New Patron; AGM report113 kB
Download this file (Issue 47 May 2018.pdf)Issue 47 May 2018State of Play; Elizabeth Poston News616 kB
Download this file (Issue 46 Sep 17.pdf)Issue 46 Sep 2017Local Plan; Rooks Nest for sale; Manifesto promise; AGM; 50 years on194 kB
Download this file (Issue 45 Apr 17.pdf)Issue 45 Apr 2016Local Plan Examination407 kB
Download this file (Issue 44 Dec16.pdf)Issue 44 Dec 2016Local Plans; Developer's Plans; Memorial Lecture138 kB
Download this file (Issue 43 Sep 16.pdf)Issue 43 Sep2016SBC plans Sep 16; Memorial lecture288 kB
Download this file (Issue 42 Apr 16.pdf)Issue 42 Apr 2016SBC plans; AGM 2016, Poston Archive299 kB
Download this file (Issue 41 Dec 15.pdf)Issue 41 Dec 2015NHDC Consultation; Peterkin Award; Memorial lecture141 kB
Download this file (Issue 40  Aug 2015.pdf)Issue 40 Aug 2015Stevenage Consultation; AGM 2015; Memorial Lecture 15114 kB
Download this file (Issue 39 Apr 15.pdf)Issue 39 Apr 2015AGM 2015; Quotations; Hobson's Choice587 kB
Download this file (Issue 38 Feb 15.pdf)Issue 38 Feb 2015Development threat; Memorial Lecture; Birthday Walk 2015; 125 kB
Download this file (Issue 37 September 2014.pdf)Issue 37 Sep 2014AGM; Apple Tree; Finance; CPRE Calendar; Notice Board; Memorial Lecture; Library250 kB
Download this file (id63.pdf)Issue 36 Mar 2014FUTURE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT; New Patron; THE FIGHT THAT IS NEVER DONE; A Gothic New Year's Day; AGM; Membership Renewal171 kB
Download this file (fofcnl Issue 35 Dec 2013.pdf)Issue 35 Dec 2013Future Housing Development; Hetty Bower; Birthday Walk 2014; John Hepworth Memorial Lecture 2013; Safeguarding the Elizabeth Poston papers169 kB
Download this file (Issue 34 Sep 2013.pdf)Issue 34 Sep 2013Development proposals; AGM; A Token of Friendship for Elizabeth Poston; John Hepworth Memorial Lecture; Richard Ball; graffiti thanks; Photographic Display296 kB
Download this file (Issue 33 Mar 2013.pdf)Issue 33 Mar 2013Development Proposals; Birthday Walk 2013; Trustees; Membership Renewal; Forster Country Walk; Patron Speaks Out89 kB
Download this file (Issue 32 Dec 12.pdf)Issue 32 Dec 2012MP's visit; Memorial lecture; Photographic Competition148 kB
Download this file (Issue 31 Aug 2012.pdf)Issue 31 Aug 2012Memorial lecture; Waymarked Walk; CPRE183 kB
Download this file (Issue 30 Apr 2012.pdf)Issue 30 Apr 2012John Hepworth; Local Plans284 kB
Download this file (Issue 29 Dec 2011.pdf)Issue 29 Dec 2012A new government strategy - are we ready?; Country Parks; Photographic Competition383 kB